The ‘Talento Gran Canaria’ network marks its 2nd anniversary reaching 1.000 members

The ‘Talento Gran Canaria’ network marks its 2ndanniversary this Summer celebrating the fact that it already has 1.000 members.

The network was started by the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) in the Summer of 2016 to bring together professionals from Gran Canaria who work across all continents, and for this purpose it created a professional group on LinkedIn which is the way they stay connected.

Two years after its creation, the network includes professionals who work mainly in Europe (89%) and to a lesser extent in America (8%), Asia (1.6%), Africa (1.1%) and Oceania (0.3%). Most have been abroad for over 5 years and, although many are not even thinking of returning, many others have considered the possibility of returning to their native island, provided they are able to have similar professional opportunities to those they currently have outside Gran Canaria. For this reason, the SPEGC is creating a support programme for those ‘Talents’ who wish to return to the island, in respect of which we will soon be announcing new developments.

Although these professionals work in numerous and very varied areas, the industries with the greatest representation on the network are services, information technology, education, strategies and operations consultancy, telecommunications, marketing and advertising. The vast majority of them hold degrees and masters, although many members also hold doctorates.

As well as the LinkedIn group, ‘Talento Gran Canaria’ also has a blog where it publishes news about the many initiatives and projects in which our ‘Talents’ are involved and also interesting stories about projects that are being developed in Gran Canaria.

To celebrate our first 1,000 members on the network we have made this video. We hope you like it!