Ghanaian authorities and entrepreneurs discover the opportunities offered by Gran Canaria

The SPEGC, via the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative, participated during the 1st Spain-Ghana Tourism and Trade Forum. This event was organised by the Gran Canaria Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, Canary Consulting & Trading and the Africa Mentoring Development Consortium (UAMDC), with the support of the SPEGC and the Tourism Board. Its aim is to reinforce institutional relations and promote the Canary Islands as a business platform.

During the Forum, around 30 authorities, senior officials, diplomats and entrepreneurs from Ghana, headed by the Minister Darko-Mensah, got a first-hand look at the lines of work and objectives of the Best in Gran Canaria initiative, the umbrella brand used by a range of public institutions and universities to attract investment on the island and achieve internationalisation of the local economy.

The inauguration of the Forum, which was also attended by the President of the Gran Canaria Island Council, Antonio Morales, highlighted the importance of links between the island and the African continent and Ghana in particular. The model for tourism success in Gran Canaria was also presented as a catalyst for business opportunities and social development.

The event concluded with a specific presentation of the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative by the SPEGC, with contributions by the Canary Islands Special Zone. Both institutions presented an overview of Gran Canaria’s economy and the business end investment opportunities offered by the island.

The presentation was followed by a series of B2B meetings with the participating companies.

The delegation of Ghanaian companies, from a range of sectors although mainly focused on the tourism, construction and associated service industry, was particularly interested in the local tax regime, Gran Canaria’s safety and the possibility of using the island as a base for transformation of Ghanaian products and a hub for auxiliary communication services and development of apps for the African market.