Quality of Life

Gran Canaria is internationally renowned as a tourist destination on account of the quality of life that both residents and visitors can enjoy. Its excellent climate, magnificent scenery and wide range of leisure-time options, moderate cost of living and wide range of services available make it an ideal place to live and work.

Excellent climate and magnificent scenery

An average temperature of 23ºC with more than 4,800 hours of sunshine a year, a variety of beaches, scenery, mountains and paths make for a quite delightful environment, enabling a wide range of leisure activities and sports in the open air.

A complete and varied range of health and educational services

The quality of the health services available in Gran Canaria equals those of any large European city. Citizens of the European Union have the right to care and treatment in the two public healthcare centres and hospitals of the island, both of first level. All may use the private health facilities via insurers, so that total health cover can be provided to all foreigners. As regards education, the existence of numerous bilingual schools with different languages is worth highlighting. There are, in general, many schools, both public and private, for every level of education.











Cost of living bellow all other large european cities

The cost of living in Gran Canaria is significantly lower than that in other large European cities, as shown in the following table:

Numbeo (own production)

Las Canteras beach

The city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: a major point of reference

The city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a population of over 380,000, provides an excellent urban environment in which to live, work and enjoy oneself. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, digital connectivity and wide range of shopping and recreational areas, together with its urban beaches, have attracted professional people from all parts of the world.

A variety of leisure activities available

The excellent climate of Gran Canaria allows its population to enjoy a wide variety of daytime and night-time leisure activities. Throughout the year, people can attend festivals and musical, recreational, sporting and theatre events, many of which are internationally famed. Gastronomy is another of the outstanding leisure-time attractions of the island, with a vast number of restaurants serving typical regional food and international cuisine. Fathermore, the island has a wide range of historic and ethnographic heritage. In Gran Canaria sport is widely practised: for lovers of exercise and healthy lifestyles there are opportunities for all types of sports, whether in the city, the mountains or of a nautical nature, offering several options for sport and healthy lifestyle lovers.