Tax and Investment Concessions

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands, an autonomous region forming part of Spain and, therefore, of the European Union. As it is a fully integrated territory, the applicable legal system is that of Spain and the European Union. Moreover, its own special Economic and Fiscal system, entirely compatible with European regulations, offers reduced taxation on company profits and on consumer goods as well as access to other incentives to business investment.

General tax incentives

Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC). Businesses set up within the ZEC are subject to a reduced level (4%) of company tax. This option is particularly attractive to investors from other countries as no withholding tax applies to repatriation of dividends nor on the payment of interests to their headquarters.

Tax deduction for the production of physical goods. This incentive offers a 50% reduction in company tax, applicable to businesses producing agricultural, livestock, fishing and industrial goods.

The Canary Islands Investment Reserve (RIC). With this incentive the tax burden can be reduced by up to 90% of the company’s profits, always provided that certain investments linked to the growth of the company are made.

Deduction for investment in fixed assets. This means a reduction of company tax equivalent to 25% of the amount destined for the acquisition of fixed assets.

Deductions for investments in RD&I and audiovisual productions:

  • R&D and Technological Innovation, from 45% to 75%
  • National and international audiovisual productions – Tax Rebate: 50% – 45%

Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone (FTZ). In this zone goods can be stored, transported and handled during an unlimited period of time without having to pay any type of import duty or tax.

Corporate tax rate across Europe 2022
Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (own elaboration)

Taxation on consumption

Indirect Canary Islands Tax (IGIC). This is similar to VAT but specific to the Canary Islands, with notably lower charges. Its standard rate is 7%.

Special taxes. Taxes on alcoholic drinks, tobacco, fuel and certain modes of transport are significantly lower than in the rest of the European Union.

Investment Aid

Business investments made in Gran Canaria are eligible for subsidies and other national and regional financial instruments aimed at financing productive investment, RD&I, environmental improvements, training and recruitment.

Sector-specific technological and innovative companies established in Gran Canaria are entitled to public funding by means of soft loans of up EUR200.000 (direct co-funding by SPEGC). Other financing streams are compatible based on available national and regional funds (up to 1.5 mio euros per project).

We facilitate access to available funding depending on the project type and phase.