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Documents and files with updated information on the investment in Gran Canaria.


pdf download Maritime Scorecard: Gran Canaria Atlantic Port Hub

The following document collects simplified information about the maritime sector, focusing on the advantages of locating logistics, maritime or port operations in Gran Canaria.


pdf download Gran Canaria: Digital Talent Hub

Gran Canaria offers opportunities for the development of digital talent, with more than 6,000 STEM students, two platforms for searching professionals and a company-specific training tool. This document summarizes capabilities and tools for the talent development offered by ‘Best in Gran Canaria’.


pdf download Video Games Scorecard

This document summarised key information related to the video games industry in Gran Canaria, the tax benefits applicable and other instruments & services available for companies and studios developing games.


pdf download Best in Gran Canaria brochure

Gran Canaria, the destination where professional and personal opportunities go hand in hand. Discover in this document the whole offer of the island for you.


pdf download Tax Guide: Know the tax advantages to operate from Gran Canaria

In the following document, you will find information about the tax advantages of operating from Gran Canaria.


pdf download Moving to Gran Canaria. The complete relocation guide

Gran Canaria is a leading destination in attracting qualified talent. This free-use guide is a support tool that compiles all the necessary information to help returned Canarians, expatriates, qualified professionals and their families in their relocation process in Gran Canaria.


pdf download Leaflet: Explore R&D activities in Gran Canaria (Tax Credit)

The Canary Islands are the European territory with the highest tax support for R&D activities. Learn about the characteristics of this deduction, that may be up to 75.6% for the eligible R&D expenses.

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