Best in Gran Canaria

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ is a coordinated initiative led by the Economic Promotion Agency (SPEGC) of the Government of Gran Canaria (Cabildo de Gran Canaria). It groups a total of 14 entities and public institutions, that promote the attraction of business, entrepreneurs, professionals and investment to Gran Canaria.

Our services

Información y asesoramiento técnico

Information and technical advice about legislation and tax incentives – through our Business Support Service.

Access to financing and investment instruments

Access to financing and investment instruments. We provide information of available public funds and access to SPEGC’s ordinary innovation loans.

Workspaces and offices

Workspaces and offices in the Gran Canaria Technology Park, as well as advice on the search for other locations.

Training programs

Customized training programmes. We design and finance tailor-made training, that may include internships fully financed by SPEGC.

Own tools for searching talent

Own tools for searching talent and information on hiring bonuses and incentives. Talento SPEGC Platform, Talento Gran Canaria

Access to SPEGC's own incubation/acceleration programmes.

Access to SPEGC’s own incubation/acceleration programmes. Currently in Biotechnology and Aquaculture; in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in maritime environments.

Local intelligence

Local intelligence and sectoral information. Access to institutions and insular ecosystem.

Softlanding support

Softlanding support through information on administrative procedures to work and reside in Gran Canaria.

Best in Gran Canaria Team

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ Team. Economic Promotion staff from SPEGC focused on supporting projects during the whole relocation process.