The 2018 call for the granting of aid from the ‘Investment Programme of foreign businesses in R&D activities’ has been published

ICEX-Invest in Spain announced the ‘Investment Programme of foreign businesses in R&D activities’ to promote the development of new R&D by foreign capital businesses already established, or looking to set up business in Spain.

The beneficiaries will be firms with foreign capital which have a minimum 10% share in their foreign direct investment (FDI) and carry out activities covered by the aid in one or several of the following Autonomous Regions: Extremadura, the Canary Islands, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia and Galicia.

Funding is possible for R&D projects aimed at foreign capital firms that have not yet set up business and wish to set up an R&D centre in Spain, and R&D projects aimed at established foreign capital businesses, provided they attract new corporate R&D projects to the branch that is established in Spain.

The aid per beneficiary may come to an overall maximum of 200,000 Euros during any period of three consecutive fiscal years and will be a percentage of the investment made.

Applications must be made via ICEX’s virtual office by 26th February 2018.

Further information: