The SPEGC publishes a support guide for foreign professionals who wish to establish themselves in Gran Canaria

The Gran Canaria Island Council (Cabildo), through the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), published a “soft landing” guide for foreign professionals and businesses who wish to settle on the island.

The guide, published in English and in digital form under the umbrella of the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative, focuses on two aspects: on the one hand it seeks to provide these professionals with all the information they may need to set up their professional activity on the island and, on the other, to present to them all the benefits Gran Canaria offers to make life truly enjoyable.

The handbook includes relevant information regarding connectivity, communications and the advantages available to professionals as well as useful information about how to apply for a residence permit, how to look for work, banks with experience in dealing with expatriates, etc.

The guide also gives answers to questions about setting up a business in Gran Canaria, including basic information about taxes and tax concessions, how to make the most of the talent on the island and a list of organisations which, like the SPEGC, assist professionals with the process of establishing themselves in Gran Canaria.

Moreover, the guide has a section for digital nomads and remote workers who, due to their working conditions, have special needs such as locating work spaces and a good internet connection.

Professionals who wish to reside in Gran Canaria with their family, will also find useful information, such as a list of foreign-language schools and details about health care.

See the guide.