Gran Canaria hosts the ‘Cartoon Business’ with 120 persons from 23 countries registered

Over 120 animation professionals from 23 countries have already registered to participate in ‘Cartoon Business’, an international event for the animation industry which has been held in the past in Ireland and the Netherlands and which will take place in Gran Canaria from 7th to 9th May.

‘Cartoon Business’ is a high profile seminar of great interest for attracting production companies who are involved in animation work and where the advantages of working in Gran Canaria can be explained.

Hosting this event in Gran Canaria is important both for the number persons registered as well as for the quality of the speakers, who represent companies such as Youtube, Technicolor, the BBC, Radio Televisión Española, Lightbox Animation Studios and the publisher, Agostini, among others.

The event, which this year focuses on licenses, goods and derived products, will address over 16 sessions subjects such as the new funding models that have emerged due to changes in the distribution and production markets in the animation industry.

Over the 3-day event at Cicca (Caja de Canarias Centre for Initiatives) professionals will be able to share their experiences to help animation companies incorporate new sources of revenue and develop new business models.

Investors, production companies for small and large businesses working with content aimed at children, specialists in funding and “new” partners in animation such as toymakers or book publishers, will participate in lectures, debates and presentations about successful cases which will help in managing budgets and improving the implementation of projects.