‘Best in Gran Canaria’ reinforces technical documents, guides and information tools

The Agency for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) and ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ continue with their firm commitment to keeping businesses and entrepreneurs constantly updated on the advantages of setting up operations in Gran Canaria and the most suitable formulas to take advantage of this unique destination, which is probably the most attractive investment option in Europe.

Over the last three months, ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ has been updating its technical resources for informative and commercial actions, in particular to provide updated economic and business information of interest, along with practical information to facilitate the process of family relocation.

The following digital resources have been partially or totally renewed to improve the user experience for enquiries regarding Gran Canaria:

  • ‘Moving to Gran Canaria: the complete relocation guide’
  • ‘Tax Guide: Know the tax advantages to operate from Gran Canaria’
  • ‘Leaflet: Explore R&D activities in Gran Canaria (Tax Credit)’
  • ‘Best in Gran Canaria Brochure’

‘Moving to Gran Canaria: the complete relocation guide’ is a novel proposal in Spain and represents a new formula of 360º relocation assistance. It grows around a carefully-thought ‘Reading Guide’ for short and long stays which describes the recommended flow of procedural tasks before, during and after the arrival in Gran Canaria (visas, obtaining identity documents, taxes, etc.). This guide also offers advice and solutions to issues that families may encounter when moving to the island (areas to live, housing, schools, health matters, transport, etc.).

Complete information on the local regulatory and tax framework is set out in the ‘Tax Guide: Know the tax advantages to operate from Gran Canaria‘. This document constitutes a valuable reference for decision-makers, particularly those in financial and operational roles. It also covers all the key aspects of the local corporate tax framework and in particular the ‘Canary Islands Special Economic and Tax Regime’ (REF), as well as important matters such as the concept of tax residence, personal income tax and the applicable regime for social security contributions. It is never too late to resolve your doubts with the help of the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ Tax Guide!

A new specific digital resource has also been developed as a spin-off of the Tax Guide. The leaflet: ‘Explore R&D activities in Gran Canaria (Tax Credit) outlines the technical details of the tax incentives for R&D and innovation activities. It is well known that the Canary Islands is a European leader for R&D tax incentives, offering tax deductions covering up to 75% of R&D expenditure which can be monetised or paid in advance to promoters in various ways. This new guide now provides Gran Canaria’s regular clients with greater clarity in this area.

Finally, updates have also been made to the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ brochure, a document that  summarizes the very best of the island’s essential attributes, helping all the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ members to actively raise awareness and engagement among their prospective clients.  

In addition to new resources currently being developed, SPEGC is committed to constant updating of all its resources and invites the entire business community to suggest and propose improvements to them through ‘Best in Gran Canaria’.

SPEGC also offers the ‘Business Support Service’ (SAE), whose aim is the resolution of specific queries that are not adequately addressed in the general text of the guides (form in Spanish though we guarantee queries to be responded in English). We take this opportunity to invite interested companies and professionals to raise any specific questions they may have regarding their projects through SAE or directly to ‘Best in Gran Canaria’.