Gran Canaria promotes its seven animation studios before 1,000 attendees at the Cartoon Forum

The Gran Canaria Film Commission was present at the Cartoon Forum 2019, an event held in Toulouse (France) and attended by 1,000 agents representing producers and companies in the animation industry, along with 280 investors and television channels searching for new productions to incorporate into their schedules.

This very successful event gives projects in the pre-production phase the opportunity to present their work to financers, distributors and licensors with a view to securing their support for the post-production phase.

The Gran Canaria Film Commission offered information on the seven animation studios currently based on the Island, inviting the participants to cooperate with them on productions currently being developed or in the pipeline.

The Film Commission also presented Gran Canaria as the perfect ecosystem for developing projects still in the production or planning phase, not only due to the existence of the studios already established on the island, but also the tax advantages and administrative support available.