Invest in Spain 2021

Icex-Invest in Spain, launches the yearly call of their ‘Investment Program of foreign companies in R&D activities’ with the main objective of promoting the development of new R&D activities by foreign capital companies that are already established or have plans to set up an R&D base in Spain.

The beneficiaries will be firms established in Spain or with plans to open up an R&D Centre/Unit in the country, that carry or pretend to carry R&D projects and whose foreign capital represents at least 10% of the shares, both hold directly or indirectly.

The projects subject to aid must be carried out between January 1 and December 31, 2022 in one or more Spanish regions. Geographical bias applies as only 7 regions are eligible, including Canary Island. As a matter of fact, the Canary Islands is the region with the highest allocation of funds (700,000 euros).

The amount of aid per beneficiary may amount to a global maximum of 200,000 euros (Minimis regime applies) and will cover a maximum percentage of the investment made.

In addition to targeting already established foreign capital companies with the ability to attract new R&D projects associated with their Spanish subsidiary, this call is aimed at attracting R&D projects from foreign capital companies that have not yet been registered in Spain. This flexibility is especially relevant in the Canary Islands, where the combination of this financing with other regional / island support instruments for R&D and with the ‘R&D tax credit’ (up to 75% of the eligible expenses), can automatically boost any R&D project that is developed in Gran Canaria.

The deadline for application submission November 12, through the Virtual Office of (ICEX). More information under