Meetings to make known the tax advantages in Gran Canaria to expatriates

Within the framework of the Best in Gran Canaria initiative, we held a gathering with expatriates who live on the island, and with those who had just arrived, to tell them about the tax advantages available in Gran Canaria.

This was the first of a series of gatherings that came about due to many expatriates and remote workers saying that they knew little about about the tax system in Spain and the Canary Islands.

During the event, Eduardo Sánchez Iglesias addressed the following points:

  1. Introduction to the special tax system in the Canary Island: ZEC and others.
  2. Establish your activity in Gran Canaria: should you start as a freelancer or company?
  3. Working from Gran Canaria with your company registered in another country: What should you know?
  4. The cost of being an Autonomo (freelancer) in Gran Canaria.
  5. Invoicing correctly. IGIC for clients in the Canary Island, Europe and other countries.
  6. Expenses you can write o as an Autonomo (freelancer).
  7. Diference between corporate taxes and personal taxes.

The Agency for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) provides financial and consulting support to entrepreneurs and investors based in Gran Canaria.