New generations will now be able to go to bed along with ‘Familia Telerín’

‘Familia Telerín’ (the ‘Telerín Family’) returns 50 years on with the new 3D series ‘Cleo&Cuquin’. The series, aimed at children between the ages of four and five, has 52 episodes and was produced by Ánima Kitchent at its facilities in Madrid and Gran Canaria.

The series was presented today at the TIC Demonstration Centre for Tourist Innovation. Ánima Kitchent wanted to present ‘Cleo&Cuquin’ in Gran Canaria to thank the Gran Canaria Island Council (Cabildo), the Gran Canaria Film Commission and the SPEGC (the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria) for its contribution in making this project a reality.

“They first told us about the fiscal incentives, but it was the willingness to work we found in Gran Canaria, and the facilities to establish ourselves and start up within a month that made us come here and what will make us stay”, explained Víctor López, executive director of the production company Ánima Kitchent, who did not hide his enthusiasm about the potential for expansion on the island.

‘Cleo&Cuquin’ saw the light of day after two years of work carried out by one hundred professionals. Out of the 52 professionals who worked from Gran Canaria, twelve of them were students who trained on the 3D animation course organised by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, through the SPEGC and the Mapfre Guanarteme Foundation.

The series is promising, since the music videos alone, launched on Youtube last year, have had over 700 million hits and 1.6 million subscribers, and has become a long-awaited launch which will finally reach millions of children around the world.

Moreover, the international production company, Ánima Kitchent, took advantage of the launch of ‘Cleo&Cuquin’ to announce that it has closed a deal with the writer, Elsa Punset, to produce a series based on its collection ‘Los Atrevidos’, a project that will be carried out at the facilities of the Cabildo of Gran Canaia. The collection, which is about emotional intelligence, is aimed at children, and will also be coproduced by Televisión Española.