Over 200 young people and professionals from 7 countries will work on sustainable innovation over the weekend

Over 200 young people from 39 universities in seven different countries – among them university students, representatives from IT companies and professionals related to industry and research – will participate in the ‘Smart Green Island’ event hosted by the Communications Technology Demonstration Centre for Innovation in Tourism (CDTIC) this weekend.

Over the course of four intensive days, young people, businesses and professionals will work in teams to develop projects and prototypes related to electric cars, the 4.0 industry, smart houses and green energy, among other topics.

With the aim of training young talent and building bridges between countries, the German firm, ITQ, organises these kinds of events to develop high quality prototypes in a short space of time and in an optimum environment in which young talents work with cutting-edge technology and work together with innovation professionals.

The ‘Smart Green Island’ event is being held for the third time on the island with the purpose of answering the question of how digital technology and connected devices can help build a green and smart island.

In a four-day marathon young people will not only have the chance to work on their projects and create prototypes, but also to connect with professionals in the industry to whom they can present their projects and establish synergies for future collaboration. By building these prototypes, the event endeavours to demonstrate that smart technology can help connect people and solve the problems arising from climate change.