Port of Las Palmas: strategic location for the offshore

The Spanish National Public broadcaster (Televisión Española – RTVE) shows in its programme “Port of Gran Canaria: strategic location for the offshore” the important role played by the Port of Las Palmas in the Oil & Gas and offshore energy sector, most remarkably during the global activity downfall caused by 2020’s synchronous oil and health crisis.

The Port of Las Palmas -situated on the north-eastern tip of Gran Canaria- is considered a strategic centre for the Oil & Gas sector and reports the highest connectivity rate of the region, as it serves as a connection point between Europe, Africa and the Americas. Port customers value its wide range of repair and supply services, but also the technical, legal and health auxiliary services embedded into the business value position of Gran Canaria. These factors have contributed to making Las Palmas Port a consistent base for a large number of global energy operators, which carry out maintenance, repair and commissioning operations within the port premises.

Gran Canaria is not only a reference for the O&G sector, but also for the assembly, repair and retrofitting of equipment for offshore wind energy, in addition to providing services to PSVs, seismic and scientific-vessels.

The largest bulk of these activities are carried out by the local business ecosystem: the demanding technical requirements and quality standards of both industries have led to the development of a highly skilled pool of local talent and companies that pursue the highest standards of excellence. There is thus a multiplier effect implied: the increased experience leads to larger and more complex projects steadily arriving to the island. The Port of Las Palmas is now among the
selected group of ports fully capable of catering to the needs of the Oil & Gas sector, readily positioned to attend the expected reactivation in 2021.  

The Port Authority of Las Palmas, the Free Trade Zone of Gran Canaria and the Cabildo of Gran Canaria (Sociedad de Promoción Económica de Gran Canaria) work together through the ’Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative to promote the advantages associated with operating from a competitive & safe maritime hub.