Las Palmas Port community proves its industrial know-how & innovative spirit following the approval of five ideas within the framework of the Ports 4.0 Fund

The Ports 4.0 fund, an acceleration & financing framework aimed at the 4.0 transition of the Spanish port logistics sector, has approved economic support for the development of 33 ideas, five of which have been forwarded by Gran Canaria entrepreneurs and companies, through Las Palmas Port Authority. The 33 ideas which have been approved (5 of them correspond to projects developed by Port Authorities’ employees), have been chosen from a total of 100 applications presented to the “Ideas Tender” (TRL 2-4, pending experimental proof of concept).

The fact that 15 per cent of the selected ideas have been developed from the Las Palmas Ports 4.0 headquarters shows that our port community’s know-how is of decisive value. Las Palmas Port is a well-known maritime operations hub, including the full range of traffics plus technical and operative capacity to nourish the development, incubation, testing and prototyping of innovative products and services.

Ports 4.0 is an initiative of the 28 State Port Authorities of Spain, under the aegis of the Plan for Innovation for Transport and Infrastructures of Spain’s Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. A total of 12 million euros were provided by the Port Authorities themselves, channelled through their 14 incorporated offices (with Las Palmas Port Authority as the Canary Island’s headquarters). 

Out of these 12 million euros, 500,000 have been awarded for grants for the 33 ideas which have already been approved, and the rest will be deployed for the tender’s other categories (commercial projects with higher TRLs).

Gran Canaria will deliver a joint acceleration response for these ideas, with the complete support of the Las Palmas Port Authority and of the the island’s institutional and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Source: Las Palmas Port Authority