‘Ports of Spain Tradetech Fund’ (#Ports4.0) is now open and Gran Canaria is the BEST location to benefit from it. Find out why!

The Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) has given the green light for the Ports 4.0 Fund, which has already opened the application period for ideas and projects. For the current year 2020, the aids to be granted within the framework of this call amount to €12 million.

The Ports 4.0 Fund is an initiative by the 28 Spanish State Port Authorities, including the Port Authority of Las Palmas. It is the most important disruptive project for the adaptation of the Spanish logistic-port sector to the 4.0 economy and has emerged as a model of open innovation for companies and professionals from any background and origin, whether already operating in the maritime industry or not.

This call is looking for market-oriented innovative solutions (products, services or processes) which benefit the logistics-port community in any part of its value chain.

Eligibility, financial support and submission period:

  • Open to companies or entrepreneurs of any nationality, regardless of its nature (public and private).
  • The Fund covers three lines depending on TRL: IDEAS (TRL 1 -2), PROJECTS IN PRE-COMMERCIAL PHASE (TRL 3 to 6), PROJECT IN COMMERCIAL PHASE (TRL 7 to 9).
  • In addition to the financing (non-refundable), a unique program is offered, including technical support to support in the application process and the possibility of accessing the services of incubation/acceleration by consultants and national experts.
  • In the case of Ideas, the aid will consist of a fixed and invariable amount of €15,000
  • For Projects in the pre-commercial phase, support will consist of a maximum amount of 60% of the budget directly associated to innovation, capped at €1 million. Minimum project size is €50,000 in innovation-related expenditure.
  • For Projects in the commercial phase, support will consist of a maximum amount of 80% of the budget directly associated to innovation, capped at €2 million. Minimum project size is €100,000 in innovation-related expenditure.
  • The applications for ideas and projects shall be submitted within two and three months, respectively, from the day following the publication of the call (27/07/2020)

Read the terms and conditions and register your submission at https://ports40.es/.

National call, local delivery

Whereas the call is open on a national scale, there are several reasons that explain why Gran Canaria is the ideal base to run your idea/project:

  • ‘Ports 4.0 Incubator’ HQ: Gran Canaria is home to ‘Ports4.0 Fund’ HQ in the Canary Islands. All other 13 bases are located in mainland Spain. SPEGC supports in the soft-landing process.
  • Location: The ‘Port of Las Palmas’ is a well-known EU-port located at the heart of Atlantic traffics, right at the gateway of West Africa and the ‘Deepwater’s Golden Triangle’. Thanks to its weather, year-round activity is guaranteed with no testing/ops. restrictions.
  • Port Size & Scope: Welcome to an upgraded service-centre covering all sort of traffics and maritime activity (Transhipment node, Bunkering, Repairs, Supplies, O&G). No other port in West Africa covers as many services as Las Palmas.
  • Maritime Cluster: 1xFull-range deepsea port + 10xSmaller port facilities + 1xOffshore Reasearch Centre (PLOCAN), including sizable shipyards, workshops, suppliers and port terminals with global reach that are ready to enter into partnership agreements.
  • Tax advantages: Up to 75% deduction on R&D-related costs (vs. 45% ib mainland Spain), cashback available.
  • Soft finance: Other streams of aid are readily available to support you through the project cycle.

When you choose Gran Canaria (Port of Las Palmas), you choose not only a consolidated maritime hub but also a growth partner for your idea/project.