SPEGC launches its ‘Relocation Guide – Moving to Gran Canaria’ aimed at professionals, expats and remote workers

The Economic Development Agency of Gran Canaria (‘Sociedad de Promoción Económica de Gran Canaria’ – SPEGC) recently launched a ‘Moving to Gran Canaria’ – Relocation Guide through its ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ investment attraction initiative.

This guide provides all the information they need to establish their professional activity on the island, ensuring smooth and hassle-free adaptation to their new home: Gran Canaria. The guide places a firm emphasis on providing practical information from the viewpoint of relocated employees, expatriates, professionals and remote workers, facilitating their arrival on the island and minimising uncertainties in a relocation process which on many occasions includes family members and children.

Gran Canaria is a leading destination for global business and research projects, but it also offers a series of advantages that make it a unique destination to pursue a personal and family life with every guarantee of success and personal satisfaction. With its combination of quality infrastructure, digital connectivity, cost of living, climate, healthcare and legal security, Gran Canaria is an international hub where professional development and the pleasure of disconnection go hand in hand.

SPEGC has years of experience providing assistance for projects and people wishing to establish a base in Gran Canaria. This guide draws on this knowledge to propose a novel way of approaching the soft landing process in Gran Canaria. The document includes a unique Reading Guide with a recommended checklist of tasks and formalities before, during and after settling on the island (visas, identification documents – NIE, social security, municipal registration, taxes, etc.), along with advice and solutions for all the typical matters that must be dealt with by families planning to relocate in Gran Canaria (housing, areas to live, health, transport, etc.).  It is an extensive yet practical compendium of all the technical, legal and administrative matters that professionals and their families encounter during the relocation process: although it offers very detailed information, the Reading Guide provides users with quick access to the knowledge they may need at any given moment. The technical information is grouped according to different profiles, whether workers moving for a short period of time or indefinite/long-term relocations. In addition, the guide has a dynamic and user-friendly approach that makes it easy to read, as well as including a printable checklist to facilitate the follow-up of pending tasks.

In pursuit of its mission of stimulating and promoting local economic development, the SPEGC and ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ place emphasis on accompanying and supporting professionals who choose Gran Canaria to pursue their life projects. Gran Canaria is an open, globally connected destination renowned for its hospitality and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

SPEGC also offers training activities in areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalisation, as well as an advisory service for companies establishing themselves on the island and support for business creation and consolidation initiatives.

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