The SPEGC provides online advice for workers and businesses planning on making the move to Gran Canaria

The Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria has reactivated its Softlanding Service for businesses looking to establish themselves in Gran Canaria. After a hiatus of various months due to the health crisis, we have recommenced our efforts to attract companies to Gran Canaria, reinforcing the service to provide advice regarding the administrative procedures involved for workers and companies that have begun the process to base themselves on the island.

The aim of this Softlanding Service is to facilitate the process for employees and also to offer added value for companies, which appreciate the SPEGC’s involvement to ensure their workers are duly received and establish themselves satisfactorily.

The service is not only for businesses and their employees but also for remote workers who plan on basing themselves temporarily in Gran Canaria.

So far, three online 1.5 hour workshops have been offered for a total of around 30 workers. During these sessions, workers are given advice regarding administrative procedures such as obtaining work visas and tax numbers, Social Security and municipal registration, along with general information on the different residential zones, transport, health and education services and general aspects of life on the island.

A direct email contact has also been established for workers looking to move to Gran Canaria to resolve any doubts relating to accommodation during their first days on the island, the best residential zones, means of transport available, the necessary documentation to enter into a lease agreement, validity of driver’s licences, procedures for registration of vehicles and Customs procedures, among other information.

This soft landing advice is provided to businesses as part of the Business Support Service (SAE) offered by the SPEGC to businesses and individuals who need guidance to launch new businesses or implement innovation or internationalisation projects.