Discover the benefits of investing in Gran Canaria

The Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), through the “Best in Gran Canaria” initiative, encourages investment in the island by promoting the unique advantages of Gran Canaria for the development of business and commercial activities. Gran Canaria is a winner when it comes to combining full digital & transport connectivity, tax advantages and life quality in one single territory.

All these benefits are included in an informative brochure aimed at making it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to set up or move their businesses to the island. Among them, the highlighted benefits are the tax advantages and support for investment, as the Canary Islands have the best tax regime in Europe. In addition, the geostrategic location and the port and airport infrastructures make it an island perfectly connected to national, European and African territories.

Furthermore, the climate and natural conditions of Gran Canaria, as well as the cultural and sports offer and the historical heritage, make the territory stand out for the high quality of life enjoyed both by its inhabitants and newcomers.

These characteristics, added to the offer of infrastructures and specific services for the development of business activities, allow the island to be a true global hub for business and talent.
In the updated “Best in Gran Canaria” brochure, you can consult all the tax advantages of Gran Canaria, as well as the benefits of the Island for business and remote work. This brochure can be consulted on the “Best In Gran Canaria” website or by clicking here.