Find out the tax advantages to establish in Gran Canaria with the Tax Guide of ‘Best in Gran Canaria’

The Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria has updated its fiscal guide, a document prepare by the initiative ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ and whose purpose is to provide support to companies and entrepreneurs who are making the decision to relocate on the island. To ease its use, it is available in both, Spanish and English.

The Tax Regime of companies that operate from Gran Canaria is explained through the guide, covering subjects such as the specificities for resident entities, Corporate Income Tax and the withholdings in the Canary Islands, among others.

Additionally, other instruments as Canary Islands Special Zone (Zona Especial Canaria, ZEC), deductions for R&D and Technological Innovation or Investments in Audiovisual Productions, as tools that represent a great advantage for companies in Gran Canaria are worth special attention; thanks to the notable increases in these deductions compared to those applied at national level. As well as other instruments such as the Canary Islands General Indirect Tax (IGIC), Customs Duties (AIEM) and the Duty-Free Zone.

This document also offers a wide explanation about special taxes in the Canary Islands, given its statuts as a European customs territory, even though not from the territory of application of VAT. Thus, an overview of the application of the Business and Professional Activities Tax, Transfer Tax and the Stamp duty.

Finally, the guide dedicates a chapter to the taxation of individual persons with fiscal residence in Spain and concludes with another to Social Security, since, it should be remembered, all employers, employees and self-employed workers who work in Gran Canaria must be registered in the Spanish Social Security System.

Download the guide here.