The SPEGC presented the lines of support and financial advice it offers to entrepreneurs and innovative businesses

The president of the Island Council of Gran Canaria (Cabildo), Antonio Morales, emphasised that over 75 entrepreneurs and businesspeople learnt about the new lines of support to entrepreneurs and innovative businesses that the Cabildo, through the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) and the Science and Technology Park Foundation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has developed to “boost diversification of the island’s productive fabric”.

Financial institutions such as Enisa, MicroBank and Banco Sabadell participated in this event and presented their various funding lines aimed both at entrepreneurs and innovative businesses.

Morales explained that over the past two years the Cabildo has been developing “a support policy for all the entrepreneurial initiatives that bring new business and try to innovate with their products and services, providing access to funding to promote RD&I”.

The programmes for creation and speeding-up of projects, the advice and training service, the offer of incubation spaces and support for access to funding are services offered by the Cabildo aimed at the formation of businesses and entrepreneurs, and were developed with attention to detail by the managing director of the SPEGC, Cosme García Falcón.

The managing director of Enisa, Bruno Fernández Scrimieri, presented the Enisa Lines and Shareholder loans, for young entrepreneurs (under the age of 40), entrepreneurs (over the age of 40) with new business ideas and growing enterprises, also aimed at the sector which is starting out in business.

Joaquín Vega Marichal, CaixaNegocios and BusinessBank D.T. Canarias Specialist, provided all the details about MicroBank’s Innovation Microcredit , aimed at funding innovative business projects initiated by entrepreneurs.

And the director of SMEs at Banco Sabadell, Daniel Bazán Lorenzo, explained the features of the BStartup Programme, aimed at supporting innovative entrepreneurs so that their projects may be developed with the best chances of success.

Services to innovative businesses

García Falcón explained that the SPEGC offers innovative businesses an “RD&I funding advice service, a training service, and from September 2017, a service of support to the growth and internationalisation of businesses”.

All the entrepreneurs and businesspeople who wish to do so can find out about all these funding lines and receive advice on other matters through the SPEGC’s Business Support Service (SAE), which will accompany those requesting this service throughout the process until applications are submitted to various financial institutions.

The regional councillor of Economic Development, Energy and RD&I of the Cabildo, Raúl Garciá Brink, closed the event by encouraging all attendees to obtain in-depth knowledge of the services offered by the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria through its “Business Support Service, its training schemes and the work spaces it offers”.