Agricultural R&D multinational KWS makes a definitive commitment to Gran Canaria with its second seed research centre in Spain

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German multinational KWS SAAT has been growing a range of vegetable species for temperate climates for more than 160 years now. Today, it is one of the world’s leading seed producers and is present in more than 70 countries with nearly 4,700 employees.

The commitment by KWS to Gran Canaria through its division KWS Semillas Ibérica consists of the creation of a corn seed research centre with a development horizon in various phases culminating in 2022. This will involve occupation of 9 hectares of land, a major direct investment of various millions of euros and the creation of 10 qualified jobs and around 60 part-time jobs.

The KWS research centre in Gran Canaria will be the company’s third facility in Spain. Arguments in favour of Gran Canaria’s selection include its major environmental and ecological attractions, its capability of generating business opportunities and the optimum conditions for business dealings, particularly in the field of agricultural R&D.

Thanks to the soft landing advice and support by the Agency for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), the south-east region of Gran Canaria and more specifically the municipality of Agüimes was preferred above other potential locations in the Canary Islands and Andalusia.

This project will also help to foster agricultural business networks and professionalisation in the Canary Islands, favouring labour market integration for qualified staff in the sector (agricultural engineers and technicians).

This landmark project is directly linked with the strategy of the Government of Gran Canaria of recuperating cropland and other land devoted to agricultural production and research activities, with a special emphasis on agricultural development and R&D on the island.