Bbooster Week begins: €100,000 for start-ups

Bbooster Week, an event sponsored by the SPEGC, has now begun. From today until 9 May, the CDTIC will be hosting a week of activities promoted by Bbooster Ventures together with Sodecan to foster the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem of Gran Canaria.

During Bbooster Week, an investment of €100,000 will be made via a convertible loan in one or various of the start-ups registered for the event. This will streamline the cash-in process and ensure traction a matter of days after selection of the target company. The loan will be capitalised when the investment round is closed and the rest of the investors assume shares in the company.

During the days of the event, Bbooster Ventures will also be organising 1:1 meetings between the start-ups invited and national and international investors. Meetings will also be held with the different members of the Bbooster team to discuss specific matters such as business areas, finance, marketing, technology, etc.

The event is intended for technological start-ups with a net monthly turnover of between €5,000 and €20,000 and major growth potential. These criteria will be adapted to each particular case, according to the business model applied and the assessment of the start-up’s potential by the Bbooster ventures team.