‘Best in Gran Canaria’ joins the international congress DeepLearn 2022 Summer, held in their summer base in Gran Canaria

The ‘Economic Promotion Agency of Gran Canaria’ (SPEGC)and its core Investment Promotion Initiative ‘Best In Gran Canaria’ are currently attending the international congress DeepLearn 2022 Summer, one of the most important events on artificial intelligence in the world.

The conference  is being held in the capital of the Canary Islands from July 25th to 29th within INFECAR premises, sponsored by Cabildo de Gran Canaria and co-organized by the Rovira y Virgili University and the Institute for Research Development, Training and Consultancy (IRDTA), based in Brussels and London, with the adding support of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

With a strong academic and professional nature, this annual event focuses on research training based on neural network, deep learning and the capacity of said techniques to solve ultra-complex problems that no other data-handling technologies can master. 

Deep Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence based onthe handling of large-scale data, and it lies at the forefront of complex problem-solving, given that other existing tools (such as supervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms applied on high-quality labeled training datasets) are costly to manage.  

Neural network processes are applied in a wide variety of environments, such as artificial vision, neurosciences, voice recognition, language processing, computer interaction, fraud detection, robotics, biotechnology, communications and climate science.

More than 250 participants, whose large majority are PhD candidates, have been involved in lectures, masterclasses and practical exercises connected to Deep Learning techniques, while also enjoying the many activities happening in a typical Canary Islands summer. 

On the first date of the venue, ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ hosted an evening session introducing the funding and tax break opportunities for companies that run their digital R&D activities on the island, as well showcasing possible collaboration streams with the local environment. 

Gran Canaria is involved in producing high-quality contents/datasets for activities in which the island is a regional power (tourism, port & logistics), and the island maintains a committed digital strategy aimed at becoming a smart island. Gran Canaria welcomes digital ventures based on data exploitation. As a sample, SPEGC will be launching shortly after summer the High Technology Incubator for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to marine and maritime activities.