The second edition of the series ‘Moving to Gran Canaria: The complete relocation Guide’ published by Best in Gran Canaria is now readily available

The island’s collaborative investment attraction initiative has updated its trademark guide, including new services, advantages, shortcuts and admin procedures that soften the relocation process to the preferred investment destination in Southern Europe, Gran Canaria.

This much-awaiting free-to-use guide provides all the information required to help relocated professionals, expatriates, remote workers, entrepreneurs and families, and it indeed facilitates their arrival on the island by minimising the natural uncertainties that come along any relocation process.

Published in digital format and available in English and Spanish, the Softlanding Guide was initially launched in 2021 and it is the first comprehensive approach to including all the technical, legal and administrative matters that professionals and their families encounter during the relocation process to the Canary Island. The steb by step approach is simplified by adding a dynamic reading guide, valuable links, checklists and listings of tasks/formalities to be completed before, during and after setting foot on the island.  Application for visas and work permits, identification documents (NIE, social security, municipal registration), personal tax info, constitute the core content of the guide, along with advice and solutions for all the typical matters that must be dealt with by families planning to relocate in Gran Canaria. 

The 2022 edition incorporates new links and detailed information on public and private infrastructures recently launched in Gran Canaria and keep the centrality of the ‘Reading Guide’, as a tool to help readers navigate through the document. The technical information is grouped according to different profiles, both for workers moving for a short period of time or indefinite/long-term relocations.

The release of the updated version for the ‘Moving to Gran Canaria: The complete relocation Guide’ is a joint effort of the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC)‘ and the island’s economic ecosystem, including local and international companies, coworking/colivings, business associations, consulates, other public entities, entrepreneurs and professionals, that have duly contributed to improving the guide’s content and usability.

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ remains as the single-entry point for enquiries about how to best develop business ventures and R&D project in Gran Canaria, offering highly-regarded services via SPEGC, including: tax information, tailor-made training courses, offices and spaces within the Gran Canaria Technology Park, financing instruments, recruitment tools, etc.

The guide can be downloaded on the ‘Best In Gran Canaria’ website or by clicking here.