Gran Canaria leads the world ranking of the best destinations for digital nomads

Nómadas Digitales

For the first time since Nomad List values ​​and classifies destinations according to the opinions of the network’s users, Gran Canaria leads the global ranking as the ideal destination to work remotely and to welcome digital nomads.

Nomad List is the most important global platform for the digital nomad community and today is considered the bible of this movement. The ranking shows the specific assessments and opinions of their community in real time and dynamically.

On May list Gran Canaria occupied the first position over other national cities such as Valencia, which is in 29th place, or Tenerife, which currently occupies number 33. Despite being the first time that Gran Canaria leads the ranking, it is not a surprise, because the island has consistently positioned itself in the top 20 in recent years, and repeatedly among the top 10 destinations.

Of these attributes, the following are worthy of particular note due to their importance: cost of living, climate and connectivity. It also scored above average in other features such as security, diversity/LGBTQ+ friendliness and air quality, above cities such as Miami, Budapest or Lisbon.

Gran Canaria, and in particular the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, stands out also due to the excellent climate, the range of coworking spaces, the quality of life and the healthcare system and its almost-holistic approach to the concept of security guarantee (citizen security, food, health, etc.).

The Economic Development Agency of Gran Canaria (SPEGCm in its Spanish acronym) is a local agency that is firmly committed to raising awareness of the island and promoting local economic performance through its ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative. It also actively works to attract business projects and entrepreneurs, particularly those working in the field of technology and innovation.