U.S. filmmakers visit Gran Canaria to know more about shooting opportunities on the island

Producción Audiovisual

More than thirty American film industry executives, most of them directly involved in physical production, have traveled to the Canary Islands to find out the prime advantages that the islands offer for audiovisual productions.

The high level 4-day trade mission has been organized by the Government of Spain, ICEX-Invest in Spain and the Spain Film Commission, with the participation of almost forty representatives of member companies of the United States Motion Picture Association (MPA) and other top American audiovisual platforms and companies. The agenda consisted of a professional journey with stops in a handful of shooting hubs, including Gran Canaria. 

After visiting Madrid and Sevilla, executives made it to the Canary Islands, where much of their interest had been place, particularly to incorporate first-hand experiences with locations, companies and the shooting capabilities of the local industry. ‘Canary Islands Films’ and the Gran Canaria Film Commission were thus involved in explaining tax advantages and also connecting US representatives with local intelligence about the island’s world renowed locations, permit management, resources and efficient logistic operations.   

The meeting has been based on highly technical content and almost live experiences of the ability of the service providers to meet the industry needs, while also providing hints on practical information about tax advantages, the many attractions and variety of landscapes.

The filmmakers’ delegation also visited the brand new production sets of Gran Canaria, build and promoted by Cabildo de Gran Canaria through the SPEGC/Gran Canaria Film Commission, which are the next best thing on the island’s live action narrative, allowing for longer, bigger and more complex productions by including indoor shootings.

The Gran Canaria Film Commission is part of SPEGC/Cabildo de Gran Canaria and it plays a key role in building the island’s audiovisual hub.