The 4th DEEP LEARN SUMMER professional summit kicks off in Gran Canaria

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ joined the opening session of ‘DeepLearn 2021 Summer’, contributing with local content to the international event on artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies.

The annual event, hybrid on this occasion and located in its fourth edition in Gran Canaria, brings together for five days (from July 26 to 30), 275 attendees to the INFECAR venue site, plus an estimated 300 online participants. It is an event of a marked academic and professional nature, focused on international research training, whose objective is to update participants on the most recent advances in the development of deep learning.

The programme consists of presentations, masterclasses, several industrial and pitching sessions, as well as a recruiting session. By such a comprehensive approach, the Organization Committee seeks to offer a complete program that addresses the current applications of Deep Learning and the large-scale processing of data in branches such as neurosciences, language processing, human-computer interaction, computing, medical games, health, etc. With a target audience of students, researchers and professionals who want to be updated on recent developments and future trends, Deep Learn is a window into the world of data and its technical and operational exploitation.

On the opening day, “Best in Gran Canaria” presented the advantages that can be activated on the island, especially for Technological Innovation and R&D activities, the island resources available at the moment (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, PLOCAN, Smart Destination initiative by SPEGC,…) and the initiatives which will be activated in the short term (eg. SPEGC’s High Technology Incubator for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to the Marine and Maritime sector).

“Best in Gran Canaria” will remain as a prominent agent during the week, participating in B2Bs and in one-on-one meetings with professionals from the artificial intelligence and massive data collection sector.