Meetings between ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ and the traveltech start-up ecosystem

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ has held meetings this week with different companies linked to the Israeli start-up sector, with the aim of establishing connections to promote Gran Canaria as an ideal destination for the development and programming of digital solutions, most specifically in traveltech and tourism-related customer-relations apps.

These quality b2b meetings involved several organizations and entrepreneurs and it proved an interesting engagement by consulting companies specialized in management and promotion of small and medium companies, high-tech industry organizations, R&D centres and the media. All of them are duly linked to high technology and innovation. The 2-day event was organized by Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria and lead by SPEGC/’Best in Gran Canaria’ on the technical content.

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ took this opportunity to introduce to advantages that shall be activated if based on the island. As a growing technology hub for start-ups and IT companies, Gran Canaria presents a comprehensive package: the fiscal and economic conditions of the Canary Islands’ Economic and Fiscal System (REF), which includes a 45% deduction for Technological Innovation activities and a 4% corporate tax rate, financing schemes (eg. Cabildo de Gran Canaria/SPEGC’s own participative loan) and qualified talent. Other arguments such as quality and cost of life equally play a decisive role.

Over the course of the coming weeks, new follow-up meetings are scheduled, with traveltech development and operations at the top of priorities for both delegations. It is no longer a secret, that the israeli counterparts also showed interest in considering Gran Canaria as an entry point to the EU, Africa and LATAM, as well as its potential as a remote talent base.