Gran Canaria: ‘Embrace your new Home’

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ and the Economic Promotion Agency of Gran Canaria (‘Sociedad de Promoción Económica de Gran Canaria’- SPEGC) continue with their shared efforts to provide information, intelligence and support to companies, entrepreneurs and professionals with relocation plans to the island. Gran Canaria is indeed a top-tier destination for work, entrepreneurship, business and personal development. As such, this full-scale digital approach aims at showcasing how easy it is to relocate on the island rather than merely introducing the attributes that make of Gran Canaria a global hotspot for quality of life.

After the launch of ‘Moving to Gran Canaria: the complete relocation guide’ and its broad success in the media, the latest version already includes feedback and tips received from readers, users and local economic agents. Hence, the guide is now a validated instrument for attracting talent and professionals that has been widely advertised and used by established and soon-to-arrive companies. We equally know that both remote workers and expats remain as key audience of this thoughtful document.

What’s new?

  • Promotional video: designed to attract and retain digital professionals. It also aims at raising the awareness of the genuine and welcoming character of Gran Canaria’s society.
  • A specific website hosted at ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ corporate site, including videos, testimonials and the downloadable version of ‘Moving to Gran Canaria. The complete relocation guide’, both in English and Spanish.
  • Comprehensive support/’Landing package’, that not includes administrative knowledge already displayed on the guide, but also local intelligence, tips and other support and information services offered by ‘Best in Gran Canaria’, via an exclusive soft-landing desk  ([email protected]). Our experts will guide you through the relocation process.

Gran Canaria commits to a reliable and comprehensive landing service (our ‘Landing Package’), that encompasses a set of instruments and professionals whose objective is to facilitate and speed up the adaptation to your new home: Gran Canaria.