‘Best in Gran Canaria’ participates at the virtual meeting with video game developers from the Visegrad Group

Best in Gran Canaria took an active role in today’s virtual mission with video game developing studios from the Visegrad Group countries (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary).

This meet-up was organized by ‘Canary Islands Films’, a group of public institutions including 2 regional entities and 2 entities at the island level (SPEGC among them). For Canary Islands video-game developing studios joined the event, Rising Pixel and Eteru from Gran Canaria, along eight studios from the Visegrad group. The private sector introduced their latest content, as well as their ongoing & forthcoming projects. From ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ perspective, it has been a great opportunity to show the economic and fiscal advantages available on the Canary Islands and to facilitate one-on-one collaboration between local and international companies.

The video game sector is a growing industry with great potential related to investment and job creation. Gran Canaria, as a technological hub for the IT and audiovisual companies, has powerful instruments such as the 45% tax deduction for Technological Innovation activities, qualified talent and its own financing instrument (participative loans from SPEGC to finance disruptive and innovative projects based on the island). It must be noted that the services offered by the Sociedad Económica de Gran Canaria – Economic Development Agency of Gran Canaria – through its brand ‘Best in Gran Canaria’, also represent a key support to establish a foothold in Gran Canaria (tailored-training, offices, information & soft-landing package, tax consultancy services via SAE – Business Support Service, etc.).