Repeople Conference kicks off in Gran Canaria

‘Repeople Conference 2021’, Europe’s largest conference on remote and distributed work, took place in Gran Canaria on November 23rd. The event, hosted in Gran Canaria for the last 5 years and now co-hosted with other Canary Islands, serves as a professional industry gathering and a great mean to promote the Canaries’ appeal to a demanding global workforce that wants to actively participate in the location decision-making process.

Through workshops, working sessions and conferences for teams, individuals and corporate professionals, the 200 attendees from more than 25 countries will be able to get a head start on this growing and increasingly in-demand global employment trend. It is an event that truly brings together professionals from all over the world who share a common goal: Making remote work accessible to all and benefitting from the great opportunities for those destinations that are gradually positioning themselves as remote work hotspots. Gran Canaria, as such, is a leading and unique hub for distributed teams, digital talent and talented professional and is increasingly at the top priority list for global relocation managers.

Two out of the 16 scheduled sessions relied on the participation of ‘Best in Gran Canaria’/SPEGC. Our team was able to present the many advantages of setting up base on the island. As a matter of fact, the first panel ‘Tax Structures for Remote Workers’ covered topics such as the 24% flat rate for inbound expatriates that relocate to Spain and the potential of the Canary Islands Special Zone regime to best tackle the global permanent establishment issue. A combination of both elements, plus ongoing reforms, will mean a better framework for remote work relocating to the Canary Islands. In the second panel, ‘Tech Jobs are everywhere now: Where will innovation happen?’ saw a discussion between public entities of Gran Canaria (SPEGC & PROEXCA) and two of the venture capital builders of the island. SPEGC introduced its policies towards local upskilling and its training commitment with strategic sectors on the rise.

The ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ initiative promotes Gran Canaria as a destination for business and investment and provides soft-landing support for any investor including companies that test, scale-up and deliver technological solutions from Gran Canaria.