The multinational technology company Atos is coming to Gran Canaria and will create 180 jobs

The international high tech company, Atos, will create 180 jobs to provide services to customers such as Disney and Siemens out of the new Global Service Centre it is setting up in Gran Canaria. The arrival of this firm in Gran Canaria brings enormous benefit not just because of the jobs it will create but because of the economic impact expected, amounting to 27 million Euros over five years.

This centre, located in the Gran Canaria Technology Park, specifically at the facilities of the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria, SPEGC, is a centre of excellence with a marked innovative approach where Atos will provide services mainly to Europe and America and Africa in the future. The major lines of service will be aimed at subcontracting IT support and system integration and software development. For this purpose, Atos expects to train 180 graduates in technology and in languages, and also students in the technology modules of vocational training with the purpose of hiring them in three stages of 60 employees each.

The establishment of this firm in the island will not just provide a professional opportunity for talent from Gran Canaria, but will also make it possible to delve into the economic diversification to which the Gran Canaria Island Council, the Cabildo, is committed.

With European capital, mainly from France, Atos works with over 70 countries through its alliances with major groups such as Siemens, Oracle and Microsoft. It has been operating in the islands since the late 90s as a consultancy firm for both Canary capitals to provide services to the public sector and around 100 multinationals, and is therefore now making the leap with the establishment of this important technology centre for three continents.