Best in Gran Canaria outlines the advantages of choosing Gran Canaria as a base during the Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit

Best in Gran Canaria was present at the Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit, which is attended by more than 300 representatives of European, American and African port authorities, to highlight the tax and other benefits that make Gran Canaria the ideal destination for companies and projects relating to the port industry.

Gran Canaria and La Luz Port have a very advantageous ecosystem for both large companies and start-ups in industrial and technological sectors with applications for the maritime and ship repair industry, with an increasing focus on the offshore market.

In addition, the Port of Las Palmas has for decades now been a hub for both the Atlantic region and Africa. Unlike other Spanish ports which focus more on container traffic or passenger transport, La Luz Port is unique in that it offers a complete portfolio of services and is a leader in various categories (supplies, repairs) as well as occupying relevant rankings in practically all the remaining categories of port services.

In addition, it is the only base port for oil & gas operations from Scotland through to South Africa due to its strategic location in the eastern vertex of the Deepwater Golden Triangle (Gulf of Guinea, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil).

In this respect, an international conference such as the Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit which constitutes a forum for the experts of the world port industry to discuss the present and future of the sector is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the capabilities and experience of companies directly or indirectly linked with the island’s ports, particularly La Luz Port, thereby attracting companies potentially interested in using our infrastructure in the Atlantic region and Africa.

That is why Best in Gran Canaria participates at this event, attended by leading national and international companies in key areas of this sector such as repairs and supplies, with the clear aim of boosting B2B meetings and networking to foster joint business opportunities.