We help you establish yourself effectively on Gran Canaria

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ is a public initiative offering free personalised guidance for companies, investors and entrepreneurs looking to set up on the island of Gran Canaria. We provide professional assistance regarding the opportunities, the tax advantages and any other information needed about the island as a business destination, as well as an effective and practical landing on the island.

Gran Canaria brings together various key ingredients for business success in one single place: a dynamic setting for businesses, specific taxation and funding, high level infrastructures, full digital connectivity, a location which is near to high growth markets, local talent, quality of life and safety, etc. All the same, we are also aware of the difficulties associated with getting to know a new business setting, attaining full confidence in it and setting up there. This is why the team at ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ will be available for any query, offering an integral support and monitoring service.

At ‘Best in Gran Canaria’, we have a number of different services:

• A technical consultancy service for companies and entrepreneurs: we are here to help, and we give information about tax law and the tax incentives which best fit the sector and business model.
• Funding: we give information about SPEGC’s own lines and other sources of funding for innovation and business growth
• We give advice about recruitment: local talent as well as Canarians living elsewhere (“Gran Canaria Talent Network”). We support the local business with ad-hoc training programmes
• We have office spaces in the Gran Canaria Technological Park and we give guidance about sourcing office space in other areas
Softlanding service: we provide guidance through the administrative steps and procedures to be undertaken in order to work and take up residence on the island. In addition, we provide a practical guide to setting up a business on the island of Gran Canaria which will help you to find information about house hunting, schools and give other recommendations which will make it easier for professionals and businesses to set up here, making it simpler and more comfortable for you to settle down in your new home: Gran Canaria.
• We offer digital guides and resources, in particular about Research and Development and taxation.

If you need to establish a company on Gran Canaria, the technicians at ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ will provide support for in your venture and innovation, and we will be there to help you in the different stages, so you can develop your business on the island. You can count on us before, during and after your landing on Gran Canaria!