‘Best in Gran Canaria’ and EIT Digital Alumni gather 40 digital entrepreneurs to showcase the opportunities that Gran Canaria offers

The Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC in its Spanish acronym), through the 'Best in Gran Canaria' initiative, co-hosted a special Gran Canaria-themed meet-up during the yearly the EIT Digital Alumni Co-living 2022. The professional event brought together 40 digital entrepreneurs on Tuesday the 22nd of March.

The event was a new opportunity to broaden information about digital entrepreneurship in the Canary Islands and to continue to promote Gran Canaria as a preferred destination for start-ups and remote workers.

EIT Digital Alumni Co-living 2022 consisted on a four-week retreat in the Canary Islands and the side-activities included a variety of events such as networking meetings, talks and presentations. The ‘Gran Canaria Night’ was aimed at providing information about ongoing and prospected business opportunities, including taxation and dedicated financing streams, but it was also dedicated to facilitate a shared space for dialogue and inspiration to members of EIT Digital Alumni that will soon become start-up founders.

SPEGC plays a significant role in supporting any technological venture that foresees Gran Canaria as their R&D and Operations base, providing local intelligence, technical consultancy services, soft finance, offices and recruitment support.

Gran Canaria hosts ‘Thriving Nomads Conference 2022’

Gran Canaria enjoyed the Thriving Nomads Conference 2022 event which was held on the 7th and 8th March. A hybrid concept event, on-site and online, designed for inspiring and empowering digital nomads profiles, and also for increasing the positive impact on their projects and companies.

The event featured the participation of ‘Best In Gran Canaria’, that conveyed the idea of Gran Canaria as a business and investment destination, and how this initiative provides support for companies and entrepreneurs who decide to test, scale-up and commercialize their projects from the island, as well as investors who are committed to their business growth from Gran Canaria.

In total 8 training workshops, 13 speakers and a panel of experts who provided knowledge and innovative business ideas through seminars, workshops, conferences and master classes focusing on how remote work can have real local impact and how digital nomads can manage a zero waste nomad lifestyle.