‘Gran Canaria Maritime Scorecard’ 2023 re-launch with new contents and useful data


The “Gran Canaria Maritime Scorecard” has been improved to fully incorporate recent updates related to port and maritime operations on the island. As a matter of fact, Gran Canaria is the home of the Port of Las Palmas and an opportunity for growth in the Blue Economy.

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The Maritime Scorecard, which is just available in English, aims to outline a global, open, safe island devoted to marine/maritime business. It provides practical and accurate information to companies who wants operate from Gran Canaria. The document, updated in July 2023, also includes practical and relevant data, direct contact with relevant local stakeholders in the maritime sector, such as the Port Authority of Las Palmas, the Gran Canaria Free Trade Zone or Canary Islands Maritime Cluster and a QR link for downloading ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ digital resources, such as Tax Guide and Softlanding Guide, among others.

A dynamic, flexible and user-friendly document

The Maritime Scorecard shows throughout its two pages and five main sections the competitive profile of our maritime sector:

Advantages of operating from Gran Canaria. A list of the main attributes of Gran Canaria and the Port of Las Palmas (geostrategic position, centrality in intra-regional cargo transfers, extensive national and international connectivity, first-class infrastructure, a highly qualified local talent pool and the best tax system in the EU for commercial and innovative activities).

The Port of Las Palmas: Gran Canaria’s port. The global connectivity node of the Canary Islands, which is reinforced by its physical and climatic features and the services it offers, which are available all year round on a 24/7 basis. The Port of Las Palmas is a multi-traffic premise with special focus transhipment, blending and processing of goods, global logistics, ship repairs, offshore services, cruising industry, bunkering & supplies, while serving as a rescue & salvation port, ready for emergency response and complex operations.

Low taxes: a variety of instruments for each project. Gran Canaria has its own economic and fiscal regime, compatible with European regulations, making it possible to benefit from lower taxes on business profits and business investment incentives.

A growing hub for digital activities and R&D. Gran Canaria is the ideal place to develop, test, scale and finance disruptive projects. This section contains the various tax credits for industrial R&D projects, as well as soft finance/participatory loans from the Gran Canaria Island governing body (Cabildo de Gran Canaria).

The island’s tech resources, in terms of research capabilities and range of organizations associated with research and innovation. These resources extend beyond the Port of Las Palmas and contribute to an enlarged ‘Blue Economy’ macro-profile.

Through this document, ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ continues with their commitment to keeping businesses and entrepreneurs constantly updated on the advantages of setting up operations in Gran Canaria and the most suitable formulas to take advantage of this unique destination.