Office spaces in Gran Canaria: customized and turnkey solutions that activate business growth

  • With a mix of private market and publicly-managed office solutions, Gran Canaria offers an attractive portfolio of working spaces and collaborative environments
  • The Canary islands’ capital city and economic hub (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), acts as an expanded central business district (CBD) for the entire region, yet diverse opportunities are widely accessible across various areas on other locations of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria has become a hotspot for attracting international talent, companies and workers. It is welcoming an increasing number of professionals who carry their work either remotely, keeping their business structure and clients, or employees from international companies that have established a base on the island.

After weighting in the many benefits associated to operating on Gran Canaria (eg. 4% corporate tax rate), and choosing Spain’s burgeoning IT hub as its operational base (more info here), the company must then turn its attention to other crucial operational tasks. Much like the relocation process itself, the quest for an ideal office and business location can likewise present a somehow great challenge.

A market that grows in numbers and incorporates new trends

As a matter of fact, Gran Canaria leads remote work attraction to the Canary Islands – half of the incoming remote workers that choose any of the eight Canary Islands opt for Gran Canaria, according to A closer look out at employment creation figures also reveal stunning results in the period 2022-2023, as Gran Canaria boasts unparalleled regional growth in new company creation and job opportunities, outpacing the Canary Islands’ average. According to the National Institute of Statistics, in 2022 and early 2023 Gran Canaria achieved a remarkable growth on occupied population (12% year-on-year expansion, doubling the archipelago’s average) and thus generating an impressive 42,000 jobs (3 out of 4 jobs created on the islands in said period). Notably, the majority of these opportunities are concentrated in the vibrant Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

As business demands evolve, Gran Canaria has risen to the occasion, embracing novel concepts of workspace. The island has witnessed a surge in flexible work areas, such as coworking and coliving spaces, revolutionizing the way professionals operate. Coworkings do stand out as a unique chance to forge valuable proessional connections. There are thirty-two coworking spaces around the island, with the majority concentrated in two area of the island’s capital however, most of them are located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in two main areas: Mesa y López-Canteras-Puerto and Vegueta-Triana- Avenida Marítima.

At the same time, office developments are refurbishments are taking place, while new business mini-hubs are being created in previously unexpected areas of the island (on industrial premises, within large hospitality complexes, on rural areas just 20 min from the city centre, etc.).

Finding the ideal spot: allocating resources for the assessment and decision-making process

From early on, international profiles that choose the island follow a careful strategy to simplify the finding and relocation to comfortable and affordable spaces to carry out their work activities. Many of them are used to the likes of larger Western European cities, with monthly rate per sqm four-fo five-fold the rates available on the Canary Islands. Rates and costs aside, one of the most common enquiries lie on the locational aspects.

In line with this trend, the Economic Promotion Agency of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) and its signature promotional initiative ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ have pioneered a comprehensive softlanding guide, simplifying the process of setting up both businesses and professionals on the island. From navigating administrative requirements to securing visas, accommodations, and workspaces, our guide offers a seamless transition to the Gran Canaria ecosystem.

To address this challenge, businesses looking to establish themselves in Gran Canaria can consider several (optional) steps:

  1. Assess actual needs: Understand your company’s specific requirements, including space dimension, layout, amenities, and any specific demand related to your industry.
  2. Consider collaboration spaces: Depending on the nature of your business, collaborative environments like co-working spaces offer networking opportunities and flexibility.
  3. Re-assess your very own flexibility terms: Consider short-term and long-term lease options based on your business’s growth projections and the potential for changes in your space needs.
  4. Explore locations: Beyond Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, explore other areas on the island that might align with your goals and workforce.
  5. Connect with local networks: Engage with local associations and entities to gather insights and recommendations.
  6. Do planned research: Utilize online resources to explore office spaces virtually and conduct thorough research. You may also inquiry what other similar companies or competitors did on previous cases,
  7. Budget planning: Factor in all costs associated with the office space, including rent, utilities, maintenance, and any potential renovations.
  8. Customized solutions: Seek out office providers that offer customized and turnkey solutions, allowing you to tailor the space to your brand and operational needs.
  9. Professional services: Consider liaising with local real estate agents, legal advisors, and business consultants who can provide expertise and guidance in navigating the local market.
  10. Visit in person: Whenever possible, make a trip to Gran Canaria to visit potential office spaces in person, allowing you to assess the environment, infrastructure, and overall suitability. It is a good chance to visit and kick-off your local operation.

‘Best in Gran Canaria’ offers ready-to-enter offices on several locations

SPEGC also develops and offers premium spaces for businesses and entrepreneurs to nurture and propel their ventures. With cutting-edge facilities, located on strategic areas of the islands, SPEGC’s current offer of public spaces include four main business hubs:

  • Marine & Maritime Marine Innovation Centre (CIMM): developed for IT companies operating or willing to operate in the marine sector, the Centre is located within port premises, a few blocks from the city centre and Las Canteras beach
  • Gran Canaria Platós: an expansive audiovisual complex spanning 6,000 m2, complete with state-of-the-art sets and attached amenities.
  • Gran Canaria Technology Park (PTGC): offering a range of workspaces tailored to innovative tech businesses and ICT-driven enterprises. Choose between the INCUBE and Pasarela buildings, both of them located on the city outskirts, but a mere 10min drive to the city centre, and purposely-built for digital creative companies, or the Multipurpose building located by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The latter lies 14km from the city centre and is home to more than 70 companies, most of the operating in the IT sector and collaborating with fresh talent and research teams of the University.

All buildings offer rooms of different sizes (from 23sqm to 62 sqm) and the possibility to merge offices to create larger open spaces. Coworking spots are available at the CIMM only.

Prices are competitive: ranging from EUR10/sqm to EUR15/sqm per month, depending on the location and whether the offices come furnished or unfurnished.  Basic utilities, internet connection, office cleaning, using of shared/rest areas, 24hr access, work and meeting rooms (free of charge and subject to reservation), mail receipt service, surveillance, security, maintenance service and parking area (subject to availability) are duly included in these rates. ‘Gran Canaria Platós’ (soundstages) have their own price scheme depending on time and services needed, whereas the

‘Marine & Maritime Innovation Centre’ (CIMM) offers coworking spaces for €90 per month.

Companies interested in applying for these spaces may submit a form (CIMM, Platós and PTGC) alongside the required documents. Although the application process shall be completed in Spanish, you may count on the ‘Best in Gran Canaria’/SPEGC team to support while logging in and submitting your application. For other enquiries, whether you seek island establishment advice, workspace solutions, financing assistance, or guidance, we’re here to propel your success story on Gran Canaria. Feel free to contact our team members here